Nip Stargazer

Male. Elf. Coward.


Nip appears to be just another Elf: he stands a little above five feet tall and weighs about a hundred and ten pounds. He has a lean physique, long brown hair, and dark green eyes. Just like the rest of his people, Nip is very charming and relies heavily on this attribute and his seemingly bottomless font of luck to make it through his life.

Unlike most of his kind, Nip lacks grace. He is constantly fumbling around, bumping into people, and dropping whatever he has managed to get his hands on. Without his natural charisma, Nip would surely be the catalyst for countless bar room brawls and the subject of many beatings.

His charm has saved him in social contexts, but luck is the reason that this misfit elf is still alive today. In battle, Nip brandishes no weapon save his fists and wears no form of protection. This lucky elf’s enemies just can’t seem to land a solid hit on him, even with his clumsiness. If asked about it, Nip would tell you that his luck comes from his travelling companion and pet ferret, Pip.

Outside of combat, Nip is a child-like and whimsical. His surname was given to him by a caravan that he was once travelling with because he’s always looking up to the sky instead of watching his own path. He often chooses to hide or otherwise avoid people that he perceives as aggressive or dangerous than start a conflict. His favorite pastime is to play his lute and sing songs while Pip dances in front of him.


Nip Stargazer

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