Drunks and Dragons

The Lost City: Part Two

Mike Actually Became Useful!

Last night two more misfits joined the adventuring group; Maddie and Dr. Cobbler the Defiler. Now eight strong, the adventurers felt ready to overcome any obstacle that presented itself. As our champions made their way through the ruins of Cynidicea, they encountered the final faction of Cynidiceans who call themselves the Warrior Maidens of Madarua. Although hesitant to trust the outsiders, Pandora saw an opportunity and allowed the party to continue deeper into the ruins and put them on the fast track to Zargon.

Upon reaching the fourth tier, our heroes spent what felt like hours playing with a magical donation coffer. After being stumped by the contraption, they continued to explore the fourth tier until they came to the first intersection where they couldn’t agree on a plan of action and split up like idiots in a horror movie. Ignoring the warnings of the ghosts of King Alexander and Queen Zenobia: Maddie, Nivadias, and Tak Brightfeather continued on and found a secret door leading to the tomb of the king and queen. Dr. Cobbler the Defiler and Cravalur were slow to follow in their footsteps. Meanwhile, Jher-emée and Yskamor decided to go their own way and immediately found themselves confronted by a host of undead soldiers and high-tailed it back to their companions.

The group found all the treasures that they ever could have hoped for inside the tomb of King Alexander and Queen Zenobia, but Dr. Cobbler the Defiler knew it was too good to be true and found that all the gems, jewelry, and coins were counterfeits and essentially worthless. In a rage, Maddie and Nivadias demolished the contents of the room while the rest of the party searched and uncovered a secret door leading to the actual tomb of Queen Zenobia. When they opened invaded her final resting place, an undead white lept from the tomb and attacked Maddie, draining his strength. On the bright side, you did find something of value and a magical wand.

You guys took it pretty fuckin’ deep last night.


kibbe56 kibbe56

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