Drunks and Dragons

The Lost City

Hopefully Mike Becomes Useful Soon

So, last Thursday was the start of our first adventure, The Lost City. Here is the story so far:

“Days ago, your group of adventurers joined a desert caravan. Halfway across the desert, a terrible sandstorm struck, separating your party from the rest of the caravan. When the storm died down, you found you were alone. The caravan was nowhere in sight. The desert was unrecognizable, as the dunes had been blown into new patterns. You were lost. You headed east, the same way the caravan was headed before the storm. Days passed. Your mounts died and you soon drank the last of your water. The end of the desert was not in sight. The second day after your water ran out, you stumbled upon a number of stone blocks sticking out of a sand dune. Investigation showed that the sand covered the remains of a tall stone wall. On the other side of the stone wall was a ruined city. The stone blocks of the city had toppled and cracked with the passing of time. Sand had covered most of the buildings. The stones that remained uncovered had been scoured smooth by
the blowing sands.”

You found a pyramid at in the center of the city with three large statues on the top. Upon reaching the top of the pyramid, you found a secret entrance and made your way inside. You made it through the first tier, the highest point of the pyramid, unharmed. The second tier proved to be a little more challenging. Here you encountered blood sucking birds, goblins, green slime, killer bees, pixies, and some of the Cynidiceans who belong to the Brotherhood of Gorm and their leader, Kanadius. Tak and Nivadius both joined their ranks, receiving an amulet and a golden mask of Gorm to match their new brothers in arms. Kanadius revealed that their once great city fell into ruin when they woke an ancient creature that they call Zargon during construction. The Brotherhood of Gorm is one of three factions working to restore Cynidicea. Unfortunately for them, and for you, these factions are not friendly. Kanadius supplied previsions for your party and allowed you to continue deeper into the Lost City.


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